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Never Have I Ever - Ready to start the party!

Posted 25. February 2013

If you've ever played "Never have I ever" at a party you probably know how frustrating it can get. No one can come up with something and you just awkwardly sit around looking at the person who can't come up with something. And it's even worse to be the person who can't think of something he/she has never done. A horrifying scenario basically. Luckily for all of you "Never have I ever"-fans out there, we just made this party game a whole lot more fun.

Our "Never have I ever"-app provides you and your friends with bucketloads of fun. The app includes SEVERAL HUNDREDS of funny (and sometimes dirty) "Never have I ever"-questions.
So if the party is dying or people just can't come up with the funny "Never have I ever"s, our app is just the app for you.

The app is made for both iPad and iPhone, so it's just up to you to pick up the right one. Go do it now! It costs less than a dollar in the App Store.

- Awzum Apps


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