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Ricky The Robber RELEASED!

Posted 26. November 2012

Ricky The Robber is our first game ever. The game has been long in the making due to some problems we encountered, both in the animation and general game engine department. But we're finally done with everything, and proud to present to you, our first game ever.

Ricky The Robber is a 2D stealth/action-adventure game about this guy, Ricky, who has a very sick brother. The brother's illness can only be cured with a very expensive operation. An operation Ricky cannot afford. So he decides to do something drastic to save his brother. He sets off to steal a huge, million-dollar diamond in Denmark.

The game features 30 gradually more challenging levels in which you steal things, sneak around guards, security cameras, lasers and much more. On your quest you collect coins and bundles which can be used to buy either skins or perks for Ricky.
All this and much more can be yours for under a $1 in the iTunes App Store.

- Awzum Games


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