You're about to step into a world of awzumness

Jet to the top in this amazing action-packed 2D game, where your objective is simple: Don't die!
Equipped with an awesome infinite-fueled jetpack, you need to fly as far as you can. But beware!
There are falling boxes everywhere, and you need to avoid them – if not, you're finished!

"Jet To The Top!" includes hours of fun gameplay, cool sounds, cool graphics, and much more!
An overview of the many features in "Jet To The Top!" are displayed below:

- Lots of fun, and great gameplay!
- Get as far as you can, and score the most points!
- Brag to your friends, by posting your highscore to Game Center!
- Collect cool power-ups and get an advantage!
- Choose between tapping or tilting to control the jetpack!
and much more!

So be an angel, and tap that download-button so you can start having some good ol' fun! And of course: It's totally free!


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